" Top Efforts is a proudly South African group company with sub divisions in Accommodation, Transport and Facilities management established in 2014."
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Top Efforts has been passionately instrumental in delivering quality services to various industries, stakeholders and private businesses. Top Efforts has recruited and placed quite a number of staff over the years, accommodated more than 200 students over 4 years, transported 400 international and local tourists over the years and property managing more than 4 student's accommodation since its establishment. Top Efforts is now ready to render complete services to public and private sectors with fair pricing and establishing solid partnerships and relationships with its customers and suppliers.
Our Services
We have accommodated more than 200 students over 4 years.

Our student accommodation is a practical and convenient for a student lifestyle, fully furnished and located around all walking distance amenities.
Our sole aim is to create a sense of family security

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We have transported 400 international and local tourists over the years

We are a Tourist Accredited executive transport service of your choice with vast experience to all tourists and local destinations. We provide a top, reliable, safe, clean, confortable transport service to our clients at fair rates. Over the years, we have established a consistent flow ....

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Facilities Management
Our Facility management (or FM) is a professional management discipline focused upon the efficient and effective delivery of our support services for the organizations that we serve.

Our management system serves to ensure the integration of people, systems, place, process, and technology ...

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