" Top Efforts is a proudly South African group company with sub divisions in Accommodation, Transport and Facilities management established in 2014."

We have accommodated more than 200 students over 4 years. We understand your needs and we know our business ... you are in good hands.

Our student accommodation is a practical and convenient for a student lifestyle, fully furnished and located around all walking distance amenities.Our sole aim is to create a sense of family security from far among our students and actively motivate, mentor, develop and maintain relationships with our students during their stay. It's always our vision to see them prosper in their studies and careers through effective leadership and guidance.

The advantages of our student accommodation

Reasonable all-inclusive rates (no hidden costs)
We offer affordable living space. Compared nationally and in comparison to other agencies our rents are very reasonable. Of course the prices differ from the renovated to the not yet renovated rooms. The good value double rooms are no longer in such great demand; the trend is going towards single rooms.

Fully-furnished rooms, includes DSTV in the room
We are sure you would like to move into your "temporary home" as quickly as possible and with little fuss, so or rooms are generally fully-furnished including a bed, table, chair, wardrobe and desk.

Efficient Internet connection - FREE WIFI
This is a special service we offer in the rooms. Because today's student is very often "online" and would like to surf for a long time without being disturbed, we meet our students' wishes.

Good public transport system
A further advantage are the good links to the public transport system (buses, trams, S- Bahn). Also the short distance from the halls to the main railway station and the chance to use public transport at a reasonable cost (using the semester ticket) are important factors for choosing Dresden as a place to study.

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